Installing FOSCAM firmware in MAGINON IPC-2 IP Camera

The MAGINON IPC-2 is actually an Foscam FI8904W this guide will let you install the original Foscam firmware in your MAGINON IPC-2 IP Camera.

Note: Before upgrading the firmware the MAGINON IPC-2 IP Camera must be accessible in your webbrowser.

Follow steps below to install the original Foscam FI8904W firmware:

1. Download the original from

2. Unpack the downloaded file to a location you can easily access later

2. Browse to your MAGINON IPC-2 IP camera’s service panel

3. In the MAGINON IPC-2 IP camera’s service panel, you need the upload 2 files (system firmare and webinterface firmware), these are the files downloaded and unpacked earlier.

First you’ll need to upgrade the system firmware (lr_cmos_11_35_2_54.bin)
ipc system
Choose file Ir_cmos_11_35_2,54.bin and click submit, it will take about 1 minute to install the system firmware. After 1 minute browse back your MAGINON IPC-2 IP camera’s service panel http://IP.AD.RE.SS/service/fw.htm

Now you’re ready to upgrade the webinterface firmware (
ipc web
Choose file and click submit, it will take about 1 minute to install the webinterface firmware.

4. After 1 minute browse back your MAGINON IPC-2 IP camera’s http://IP.AD.RE.SS/
he camera now have got the original Foscam FI8904W firmware installed, with more configuration items and an easy to use webinterface.
ipc-2 menu

13 thoughts to “Installing FOSCAM firmware in MAGINON IPC-2 IP Camera”

  1. Remco,

    Thanks. I got 2 Maginon/Aldi IPC2 camera’s and one Maginon IPC-1A.
    But I have two questions:

    – How to access the IPC2-camera after the firmware update that you suggest? Is that still possible with the “supra IPCam” software that was packed with the camera? Or do I need dedicated Foscam software for that?

    – Is there also a similar firmware upgrade for the IPC-1A camera.

    Thanks for reply,

    1. Kees,

      You can access the the camera’s by entering their IP address in a webbrowser.
      I can’t confirm that the Supra IPcam software is still working, i’m a MAC user and the software is not OSX compatible. After the upgrade your cams became Foscam IPcams so you should use the Foscam utilities.

      There is also a guide available for the IPC-1(a) camera, you’ll find it here

      1. Remco,

        I already saw your guide for the IPC-1, but didn’t know if that would apply to the -1A as well. And I did not want to risk damaging its firmware irreversibly.
        However, implicitly now you confirmed that it will cover the -1A as well.
        Thanks, and I’ll work according to your guide.

        Best regards,

  2. Hi, can you tell me which improvements will the Foscam firmware have instead of using the supracam software ?
    Can you go back to supracam firmware if you want ?

  3. Met de pc 20 c nieuwer model werkt het helaas niet terwijl hij wel Okay geeft als je het uitvoert

  4. Update: Maginon IPC-20c updateproces werkt wel.
    Zonet die van mij naar system gezet
    Beschrijving zoals hierboven werkt wel degelijk…

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