Installing FOSCAM firmware in MAGINON IPC-1A IP Camera

The MAGINON IPC-1A is actually an Foscam FI8910W, this guide will let you install the original Foscam firmware in your MAGINON IPC-1A IP Camera.

Note: Before upgrading the firmware the MAGINON IPC-1A IP Camera must be accessible in your webbrowser. DON’T APPLY THIS GUIDE ON A IPC-1!!!

Follow steps below to install the original Foscam FI8910W firmware:

1. Download the original from

2. Unpack the downloaded file to a location you can easily access later

3. Browse to your MAGINON IPC-1 IP camera’s service panel

4. In the MAGINON IPC-1 IP camera’s service panel, you need the upload 2 files (system firmare and webinterface firmware), these are the files downloaded and unpacked earlier.

First you’ll need to upgrade the system firmware (lr_cmos_11_37_2_54.bin)
ipc system
Choose file lr_cmos_11_37_2_54.bin and click submit, it will take about 1 minute to install the system firmware.

After 1 minute browse back your MAGINON IPC-1 IP camera’s service panel http://IP.AD.RE.SS/service/fw.htm

Now you’re ready to upgrade the webinterface firmware (
ipc web
Choose file and click submit, it will take about 1 minute to install the webinterface firmware.

5. After 1 minute browse back your MAGINON IPC-1 IP camera’s http://IP.AD.RE.SS/
he camera now have got the original Foscam FI8910W firmware installed, with more configuration items and an easy to use webinterface.
ipc-1 menu

33 thoughts to “Installing FOSCAM firmware in MAGINON IPC-1A IP Camera”

  1. Kloppen de versie nummers wel. alle versie nummers die ik gedownload heb zijn oudere versies. Klopt dit wel? MAGINON IPC-1 IP camera.
    Je hebt het over lr_cmos_11_37_2_54.bin maar je bied lr_cmos_11_22_2_51 aan?
    Web interface is geen maar

    Heb nu firmware en web er in zitten.

    Zou je me kunnen vertellen of ik moet updaten?

    Gr. Geert

    1. I’ve changed the URL, something went wrong while copying the text from the IPC-2 camera. The guide for the IPC-1 camera is now complete, if you’ll follow the steps you can change your IPC-1 to a Foscam IPcam.
      As far as i know, there is no need to upgrade the Supra firmware first.

      Kind regards,

      1. One more question.
        Its still the same as before.
        lr_cmos_11_22_2_51 and not lr_cmos_11_37_2_54.bin????
        Web interface is and not thats what you say in the text.

        After update, can i go back to the other firmware that was in it.

        Regards Geert

  2. Great site and tutorial!!!!!


    I installed the Foscam F8910w Firmware on my Maginon IPC-1a, but it isn’t working proberbly and the features aren’t equal.
    What Foscam Firmware is suitable for the IPC-1a, so i can use all the features, for example in Synology Surveillance Station ???

  3. And how can you revert back to the Maginon Firware.
    If you try to do that through the menu you get a checksum error??

  4. Inmiddels wat uitzoekwerk gedaan: De exacte upgrade-beperkingen staan in het Engels op deze site:

    Mijn IPC 1-a heeft op de verpakking WiFi B/G, daarmee is het eerder een VNT dan een FR-wifi-deel. Dus theoretisch zou ik vanaf mijn voorgeinstalleerde .51 naar de foscam *.22.*.51 kunnen ‘sidegraden’. (en mogelijk ook weer terug, afhankelijk van de compatibiliteit van de checksum-routines)
    Met de installatie van de *.37.*.54 of *.55 zou ik onherroepelijk mijn WiFi kwijtraken, alleen te herstellen middels een apart aan te brengen hardware-seriele-constructie. Ik ga er dus van uit dat Remco de *.22.*.51 met betere WiFi heeft zien werken en dat de *.54 of *.55 een gevaarlijke, alleen op een dure manier omkeerbare valkuil is. (Tenzij Remco een IPC wireless B/G/N model heeft natuurlijk)

  5. For the people who try this: What features are missing, is it only WiFi, or are more features missing? (Can we upgrade a ipc 1a with only loosing crappy Wifi but adding security?)

    Will you be able to downgrade and with what kind of serial cable?

  6. Shouldn’t you have mentioned this firmware will break wifi?

    I just installed the refered firmware on my IPC-1A and it won’t scan for wifi anymore. The gui seems a lot faster and more user-friendly, but I require wifi on this camera.
    Anyway to restore wifi, or revert to the factory image?

  7. wifi is working for me on the latest foscam fw. Only left and right horizontal movement is inverted, no biggie.

  8. If you look closely at the provided URL you don’t donload the *37*_54 but the *22*_51 version. That one presumably doesn’t break WiFi, and probably also allows you to go back to the Maginon _51 firmware. If you think the _54 will provide you with a newer and better version you will be stuck, because _54 won’t let you go back to _51. The only way to get back will be to use a serial hardware-trick or a some good hacking mentality and the checksum I referred to.

  9. I bought a Maginon IPC-1 around June 2013. It has been generally good. IPC-1 – NOT IPC-1A. Looking out of a front window and catching direct sun late in the day, no problems with lens damage.

    Now to my question…

    I have seen copies of what might be firmware update for this camera, but is there any way to find out what version it currently has installed?

    1. Hey Harry.

      The easyest way to finde the firmware version is just go in to the settings menu. Without clicking more ti shows firmware and webinterface versions along with som other things.
      And by the way, I have updatet my IPC-1 with the IPC-1a fw and WebUi.
      It works very smoth with the features of the IPC-1a.

  10. Great! 🙁
    I just bricked my Maginon IPC-1A with this. I DID downloaded as described above the *22*_51, but WiFi is NOT working now and I cannot get back to Maginon because of the checksum problem… People, BEWARE of installing this on your Maginon, or it will be bricked!

  11. Ok now, I have to take my words back.
    Because I thought my cam was bricked, I just tried out — just for good luck and the sake of it — the latest firmware from Foscam —>!
    Guess what, my Maginon IPC-1A has the newer motherboard with b/g/n-WiFi and that’s why it requires the *37*-firmware!
    So people, FIRST check out what hardware (older motherboard with WiFi b/g or newer with WiFi b/g/n!) you have on your Maginon, and THEN choose the right firmware from Foscam!
    Of course, you cannot get back to Maginon-Firmware (without soldering, etc), but who cares, Foscam-Firmware is still better than Maginon!
    Thanks & Good Luck,

  12. How can you tell if the Maginon IPC-1A has the newer motherboard with b/g/n-WiFi? Do you have to take it apart and look for something or is there another way to tell?

  13. Well, on the box of my Maginon it states clearly b/g/N, so I guess – from the info on the internet – the newer one is with the “N” on the box 😉 .

    Also I red something on the net about some letters before the Serial-No of the cam, but guess what, my Maginon doesn’t have a Serial-No at all ?!?? (Bought at Aldi/Hofer in Austria).

    My cam worked fine a few days, until I was stupid enough (=lazy) and restored the user settings with a backup-file from an OLD Foscam ( original b/g without “n”)… had some issues with the cam then, but after flashing the old WebUI + new Firmware it works now again (actually that should have bricked my cam, but it didn’t…) … Crazy Cam!
    Anyway, you should use the NEWEST firmware and NEWEST WebUI. And DON’T be lazy (as I did ;-), don’t use an old user settings backup-file, just setup up the cam manually from the scratch 😀
    Good luck,

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  15. hi there,

    thanx for that post, foscam firmware works perfectly for the IPC 1A.

    Now i bought a second cam, but it’s an IPC 10 AC. Do you know if there is a fitting foscam-firmware for that camera model?

    best regards, sam

  16. I had the courage today to try this and must say, I had none of the issues mentioned above.
    However, my box stated b/g so I downloaded and installed the version after which my wireless wasn´t working. Then, upgraded to after which everything worked just fine.

    Next, just because I needed to know, I opened the camera to check the motherboard and it actually had the b/g/n so I guess you can´t really trust what is on the nox.

    But, bottom line, it now seems to me that if you safe bet on first and if wifi fails upgrade to 11-37.2.59 it really doesn´t matter which board you have.


  17. One thing to really note is that the Maginon firmware and web interface support to set the IR leds off at boot, where this isn’t possible with the Foscam firmware and web interface.
    If you have an install that requires IR to be off, like I do, you may not like this upgrade.

  18. Hello.
    Have You tried to flash Foscam FW to maginon IPC-100AC?
    I tried no error but not appear theFOSCAM web surface.


  19. Just changed the firmware and it lost wifi!
    after reading the comments i see thats a common issue….and yet you choose not to warn people in the article!

    Loss of wifi is MAJOR.

  20. gisteren een ipc-10ac zijn hier ook firmarwes of hacking tools voor?

    ik zou wel graag een ssh verbinding willen naar de camera om bij de bestanden te kunnen

  21. Please help!

    IPC-1A – I have installed a new firmware and web ui. If i want to open it with root path (only ip for web ui) in browser, results in “404 Not Found/File not found”, with red/pink background. But videostream from videostream.asf?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] or creating snapshots is working! Also moving of camera with android app is working! I know, i think i have flashed wrong UI or firmware. But how i can, get back the old state? Is there a direct link to upload (http post etc) new (old) firmware etc.?


  22. Guys, not really related, but I bricked my IPC-1 cam with the IPC-1A Maginon FW….wasn’t looking carefully enough. Now it doesn’t even get an IP over LAN either. Is there a way to get the original IPC-1 FW onto it, to make it work again??

    Thanks in advance!

  23. Waarom is mijn groene gras bruin als ik het via de Maginon IPC100 AC? Ik heb 2 van die dingen en beiden geven rare kleuren. Is er een mogelijkheid om de kleuren te calibreren?

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